Business Plan Writing Guide

Business Plan Writing Guide

How to write a good workable business plan is something every entrepreneur needs to know. In the current world, businesses need to be made formal to attract investors and obtain business loans from banks. Here is a guide to what a business plan is and how to write it.

Importance of a good business plan

  1. A business plan will keep you focused on your project
  2. It is an important instrument in planning future activities
  3. It helps project cash flows into and through the business
  4. It is critical in securing finances from lenders and investors
  5. --Helps you think critically if you're ready for the business


Advantage and Disadvantages of Plasma Display Screens

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of Plasma Display Screens:
  1. Slim profile
  2. Can be wall mounted
  3. Less bulky than rear-projection televisions
  4. Produces deep blacks allowing for superior contrast ratio
  5. Wider viewing angles than those of LCD; images do not suffer from degradation at high angles unlike LCD's.

Plasma Display Screens

Wht are Plasma Display Screens?
A plasma display is a computer video display in which each pixel on the screen is illuminated by a tiny bit of plasma or charged gas, somewhat like a tiny neon light. Plasma displays are thinner than cathode ray tube (CRT) displays and brighter than liquid crystal displays ( LCD ). Plasma displays are sometimes marketed as "thin-panel" displays and can be used to display either analog video signals or display modes digital computer input.

Advantages and Disadvantages of LCD's

The LDC monitors or screens have the following advantages and disadvantages:
An LCD screen TV
1. LCD monitors display static images from computer sources extremely well with full color detail and no screen burn-in.
2. The number of pixels per square inch on an LCD display is typically higher than other display technologies.
3. LCD monitors are good at displaying large amount of data e.g. on an Excel spreadsheet with exceptional clarity and precision.

Liquid Crystal Dispaly (LCD)

What are LCD's?
An LCD Screen Television
A liquid crystal display (LCD) is a thin flat electronic visual display that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals (L Cs). LCs does not emit light directly. They are used in a wide range of application including computer