How to Publish a Book


Our Book Publishing Process and Services
Manuscript Evaluation
Before a manuscript is published, you will need an evaluator to check whether it is fit for the audience you target to reach out to.
Our professional evaluators (composed of competent writers and editors) are experienced in manuscript evaluation and critiquing before it is published. They will read and critique your manuscript, assess it for suitability, and analyse the major elements like plot, dialogue, characterization, or structure, coherency, consistency, and organization (in the case of fiction or non-fiction works).
For educational works such as books, our evaluators will check and align your work to the syllabus, content coverage, level of content covered and suitability of the manuscript to the level targeted among other pointers.
We will simply help you publish a manuscript that will undoubtedly pass and be approved by the KICD or any other relevant body responsible for approving educational publications.
DILEV is composed of a team of excellent editors who have worked in different publishing companies. Our editors understand the need for quality in every manuscript they handle. We simply make our clients succeed by polishing their works to the best quality needed by the readers.
We ensure that we follow the right procedure in dealing with any manuscript.
Depending on the timeline given, we follow the following procedure to give out an alluring result out of a manuscript: