Forms of Comparative Education

Forms of Comparative Education

Comparative education is also divided into four broad areas. These are;

i)                    Comparative Pedagogy

This entails studies of classrooms dynamics in different education systems, that is, what goes on inside the classroom? How is learning? Is it teacher on pupil centered? How do teachers relate to their pupils? This area also involves studying teaching methods. For example how is mathematics taught in Kenyan schools?

ii)                   Intracultural Analysis

This area entails examination of the various forces that impact on education. They include culture, social, economic, religions, political and philosophical issues.

iii)                 International Education

This includes the study of multinational institutions like international schools, international efforts to harmonize curricula, text books, and development of objectives for the purpose of creating international norms. It also includes the study of international institutions like UNESCO with regard to policy matters intended to harmonize global education, standards of qualifications, promotion of educational exchanges and initiation of cultural agreements. There is a lot of work in the area of equivalences in education, for example, how does a Kenyan masters degree compare to a British masters degree?

iv)                 Development Education

This is an effort especially by the developed world to produce information and plans so assist policy makers in the developing countries. It also involves the development of appropriate education methods and techniques for training of human resources in various programmes.


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