eBook: Critical Connection: A Practical Guide to Parenting Young Teens by Andy Kerckhoff

Critical Connection is full of thought-provoking stories and practical advice that will help parents raise healthy young teens, inside and out. It teaches parents how to build healthy, loving families that their 10-14-year-olds can rely on for safety, support, and unconditional love. Kids at this stage of development may not admit it, but they need a stronger connection with their parents than ever before. At this stage in life, parents must seek after a better understanding of the age and try new ways to connect with and guide their children.
It discusses how to:
Connect with your middle school child
Build a healthy family life
Discipline with love
Create resiliency and independence in your child
Foster a healthy social life in middle school
Guide their academic, athletic, and artistic life
Handle the new media and electronic devices
Develop work ethic and financial sense
Critical Connection is an Amazon Bestseller and has earned 4.9 stars on 44 reviews.

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