Education Challenges in Tanzania

The following re some of the major huddles faced in the Tanzanian system of education.

  • Low transition rate from primary to secondary school. Less than one third of all candidates who sit Standard Seven (class7) examinations proceed to secondary schools yearly.
  • Regional and gender disparities in access to primary education, with some regions registering 126 per cent enrollment while others 70 per cent.
  • Inadequate teachers for the UPE programme. The national average teacher/pupil ratio ( TPR) is 1:58 although some regions like Kigoma have a ratio of 1:74.
  • Poor remuneration and lack of teachers.
  • Inadequate coordination within the departments responsible for provision of education
  • Poor learning environments
  • Shortage of teaching and learning materials.
  • Lack of adequate funds to meet the high learning costs across all the levels. 

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